Wedding Photography Jacaranda

Wedding Photography with a Jacaranda Backdrop

Sydney’s gorgeous jacaranda trees have become an emblem of the city’s beauty. The ornamental blues and lilacs that cover the trees in the flowering season ensure one of the most picturesque backdrops for your special day shoot. If you ever find yourself wandering around the Harbour City thinking, “it’s so beautiful here in October”, then it’s probably thanks to these trees. And, if you have found yourself thinking that, then they are the perfect addition to your perfect day album.

Why Choose Our Wedding Photography?

As the most respected wedding photographer Sydney has, you can trust that we know how to use these trees to evoke the love and adoration you have for one another. This is because we are the city’s preeminent special day photographer, a team who knows just how to blend you and your beloved’s adoration with the city’s vibrant aesthetic.

The result? One of the most darling keepsakes for this momentous occasion. You and your betrothed will always look back on this memento with special fondness, remembering the day’s joy, beauty and frivolity as if it were yesterday…

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