Dazzling Wedding Photography at Luna Park Sydney

Dazzling Wedding Photography at Luna Park Sydney

We are thrilled to provide fun and spectacular wedding day photography at Luna Park Sydney. This stunning city icon is simply perfect for hosting a fun and memorable special day shoot. With its famous smiling face entrance, magical midway, sparkling Crystal Palace and more, this inspiring amusement park will serve as a joyous backdrop to your big day shoot.

Climb aboard the carousel of love and start your adventure in holy matrimony at this stunning city venue. As the most reputable Sydney wedding photographer, we will be happy to share in the fun whilst creating one of the most enjoyable special day mementos you could ever imagine – your own.

Luna Park Special Day Photography For Fun Loving Couples

Love is a ride that is full of adventure and revelry. Therefore, why not usher in your marriage in possibly the most suitable place possible – an amusement park! Our creative professionals have years of experience capturing happy couples amongst the joy and excitement of this iconic venue. They will walk with you as you meander the midway, capturing perfect shots along the way that will soon comprise your special day album.

This is one of our favourite places to shoot as we can always try something new and exciting whilst producing a fun and memorable shoot that returns beautiful results.

Want To Speak With Our Experts?

Feel free to contact our creative professionals if you would like to chat about a big day photoshoot at this legendary location. We will be more than happy to discuss your ideas and how we can make them a gorgeous reality. All you have to do is call us on 02 9557 8868. Alternatively, you can fill out an inquiry form via our contact page and we will reply with all the information you require.

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